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Priszcilla Varga

Priszcilla Varga experiments with nature, the manufactured, colour and light to evoke emotions and set the stage for her compelling visual narratives.

Priszcilla Varga hails from Hungary but now calls Denmark home. Her journey has taken her from the vibrant culture of Budapest to the sleek and innovative landscape of Copenhagen, each city leaving a unique mark on her creative spirit.

With a background in content creation and curation and styling across fashion, lifestyle, design and hospitality, Priszcilla has carved out a diverse and dynamic path in the world of creativity. In her photography, she focuses on subtle details that might escape the casual observer. Recurring motifs are an intriguing blend of nature and man-made elements, with Priszcilla finding inspiration in the moon, water, pebbles and plants, architectural details, and vintage cars.

A Curious Creative

Her experimental relationship with colour is ever-evolving and she looks to the combinations in nature and art. At the same time, the interplay of light and shadow infuses her images with both depth and drama.

Priszcilla Varga’s process is both technical and fanciful, with each step meticulously planned to ensure the final result aligns with her vision. Post-production work, undertaken at her kitchen table, adds another layer of artistry – and while her workspace may be small, her imagination knows no bounds as she explores the limits of visual storytelling and artistic expression.

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