The Peripheral Collection

In Liv Lee’s Peripheral collection for The Poster Club, floral art prints tell a story woven from the overlooked fragments of daily life.

Created in response to the intricate details of the everyday that are often relegated to the sidelines, Peripheral is a series of five bold prints that capture the beauty nestled within the mundane.

Inspired by the inquisitive spirit of her young daughter, Liv’s artworks take a wondrous approach to looking at the world and the flora that so often sits on the periphery of life, without a second glance or thought.

During the global pandemic, Liv Lee decided to leave city life in Sydney and return to her coastal hometown of Port Macquarie together with her husband and young daughter.

In Liv Lee’s early twenties, she rediscovered her creative roots, experimenting with various artistic mediums, she found her distinctive artistic style – and her authentic self.

Blending analogue and digital techniques seamlessly, Liv conceptualises shapes and layouts through rough doodles, progressing to larger, more detailed sketches before bringing her ideas to life with gouache.

Exploring shape, balance and colour, the artworks showcase fleeting glimpses of flowers observed amidst the routine of walking the family dog, running errands to the hardware store, or waiting in the doctor’s office, where they stand among hushed whispers to offer solace in times of uncertainty.

With each bold brushstroke, the Peripheral collection is an invitation to rediscover the magic hidden within the ordinary, for it is in these moments of contemplation that the unexpected beauty and wonder concealed in the everyday is revealed.