Sofie Amalie Rolandsen

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We asked the Danish interior Instagram guru Sofie Amalie Rolandsen, who is behind Thusthefuss, just how she come up with the amazingly cohesive colours in her home on Frederiksberg: “I think Copenhagen has so many inspiring restaurants and museums that offer up all sorts of interesting colour schemes. So really it is the city, that influences me.

To me, art is similar to your outfit’s accessories: These finishing notes that set the ambience and tie it all together.” And that is exactly what Sofie Amalie Rolandsen wanted for her small kitchen nook. Intentionally mixing different styles of art prints but keeping the colour scheme to reds and blues.

My favourite must be Kräfter by Kristina Siljefors. I love the colours and the little details of the crayfish. It has a sense of humour and makes me reminiscence about bright summer days.