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Art In The Making

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It all begins in a studio. With one stroke catching the next eventually evolving into an original work of art. 

The curiosity of what inspiration lies behind an artwork is an inquiry that has been made time and time again. And granted that is the peek we all want into the minds of the creatives. Often forgotten however is the actual laborious process of creating. Of moving the pen on paper, finishing a piece and making it exist meaningfully in the world. 

Follow the creation of an artwork, the artistic process and the role of distributing the art pieces in this conversation with Danish artist Berit Mogensen Lopez.

At The Studio

The studio of Berit Mogensen Lopez is situated at Islands Brygge with bookcases filled to the brim with paint, brushes, paper cuttings, string, books and fabric: Like a physical manifestation of the creative mind of the artist herself. 

The process of creating an artwork usually starts with me choosing materials and colours,” Lopez says and continues: “I rarely make any sketches. Instead, I let myself find inspiration during the creating process, and I try to be curious and open while I work on a piece.

With an education in textile design from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Lopez works with a myriad of materials, switching between different working methods: “Painting can be quite time-consuming and sometimes I want to speed up the process. So I cut out abstract forms and play around with compositions and colours,” she explains.

The actual process of creating art takes a great deal of dedication, and Lopez describes it as immersing herself completely. But the process does not end there.

From Artwork To Art Print

When creating Painted Surface Berit made a series of simple motifs on raw paper, to try and bring out the immediate quality of the paper. She continues: “I liked the idea of not having a defined form or composition, but instead focusing on the textures of the painted surfaces in contrasting black and white,” Lopez tells. The textuality of an original piece is exactly what we at The Poster Club focus on when transforming artworks into art prints. 

The original artwork is preserved digitally and is made available in the highest possible quality to ensure the authenticity of the artist’s individual style. Using mattered paper enhances each stroke from the paintbrush and the colour saturation is high and varied, making our art prints exceptional in depth.

However, the quality of each art print could never be achieved was it not for our close collaboration with the artists.

Berit Mogensen Lopez is one of the first artists to collaborate with The Poster Club, and it has been a continuous creative process making sure that the originality of her pieces is enhanced and made available for a wide audience worldwide.

My collaboration with The Poster Club gives me the opportunity to exhibit and share my many different artistic expressions. I appreciate the inspiring and constructive dialogue I have with the team, who continue to honour and respect my artistic integrity,” she says. “And I love that all the textures of my drawings and paint strokes are as detailed and crisp as the originals.

At Home

The pieces of art, sculptures and prints might just be the most important elements of your home decor. It shows your innate personality, sets the mood of a space and is that finishing touch that makes a home feel complete.

Art can carry deeper meanings and be decorative elements: The one does not rule out the other,” Lopez says and continues: “However, art should always pique your interest and awaken your senses.

When asked, Lopez says that her own home is quite minimal and with only a few carefully chosen art pieces scattered around. This way she enables the art to breathe and take centre stage in contrast to the blank walls. 

Just as much as I love colours and shapes, I really do enjoy the simplicity and the calmness that it brings.