Introducing Madelen Möllard

Colour Me Bright

Creative Conversation

With a grandfather who was a skilled artist that worked with restoring old paintings – creating art has always been a part of Madelen Möllard’s life. From her atelier, in Stockholm, she creates art that is meant to elicit excitement.

Madelen Möllard’s art is not exactly subtle. With bold dreamlike colour combinations and odd figurative motifs, her work is a splash of exhilaration.

To me, art is something to love, dislike, or just something to enjoy and lay eyes on.

Growing up in a small town in the south of Sweden Möllard dreamt of being an artist. Since she has worked within the creative field in Los Angeles and Stockholm. Today she is based in Stockholm and works with graphic design alongside illustrating and painting.


The creative process is an individual process that varies from one artwork to the next. But for Madelen Möllard it almost always starts in the same manner. She begins with the choice of colours.

It starts with me picking what colour palette I want to work with, often limited to around four colours. I like to work with that limitation as it opens up creativity in some weird way.

And it is no simple task of choosing three or four complementary colours. To Möllard it is important that the colours seem unusual and almost off. Only when the colours are settled, she picks up her brush – and from there she works in a high-speed flow.

I think it adds something to the feeling of the artwork as the viewer can actually see the brushstrokes,” she tells and continues to explain what it is that drives her to make art. Growing up Möllard followed in the footsteps of her artist grandfather and has cultivated her sense of colours and shapes from a young age. But it is the freedom of creating that keeps her going.

Making art is a fantastic state of mind where I’m fully focused and free.

Interior Dreamscapes

To Möllard combining plants, soft textures and wooden furniture with lots of paintings is what makes a home feel like home. And the choice of colours is not surprisingly a key element of her choice of interior decor.

Speaking of colours – if I’m picky when it comes to colour palettes in my paintings – it is nothing compared to choosing colours for my interior. Searching for the right coloured cushion can take me forever!” Möllard tells.

The mix of materials, textures, and colours is a key element when setting the atmosphere of a home.

Colourful art can act as a focal point or blend in when styled with similar toned, but more neutral colours. Either way, the bold colours and curious forms of Möllard’s art add a touch of interest to any interior.

Maybe someone just wants a splash of colour on a white wall or to add a figurative piece to complete an art wall. Either way, I want my art to make people feel excited.