Pair No. 001

This Perfect Pair consists of two art prints by Swedish artist Hanna Peterson, which perfectly capture the essence of the Scandinavian winter: Snuggling up with big knits and combating the cold with solid boots. Both art prints are framed in our classic Scandinavian oak frame, for a simple and cosy look.


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In the Northern countries, the winter months entail dark days, moody weather, snugly knits and large boots to combat the cold. It is a rough climate that has always had an influence on the Scandinavian art scene and still does to this day: “Living in a Scandinavian country, the four seasons are very present,” says Swedish artist Hanna Peterson. “As I’ve grown older I have realised how much I like the changes that come with the seasons, both the differences in nature as well as the adapted activities and lifestyle. It affects one’s mood and inspiration more than you could imagine.”


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